Entertainment Nation: An Ode to Moments that Captivate, Inspire, and Transform

A moment in time in entertainment has the power to reach anyone on a global scale and truly captivate, inspire, and transform audiences in many ways. With the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History’s new exhibit, Entertainment Nation, it was a rewarding task to celebrate those pivotal moments in time by bringing another one-of-a-kind moment in entertainment to life.

Memorable Moments

From a lifetime achievement medal ceremony to celebrate powerful and inspirational members and their contributions to the entertainment industry, to multiple ribbon cuttings to commemorate the opening of the new Culture Wing, and finally, a string of performances by world-renown musicians that got the crowd to their feet –the guests were transformed.  The guest walked away with a smile on their face as they were immersed in the magic of entertainment through a countless amount of attention to detail, show-stopping performances, and an evening filled with nostalgia, celebration, and fun.

Event Partnership Success

An event of this size and historical relevance, the call to action to celebrate the importance of entertainment in American culture was an honor for all involved. From inception to execution, Linder helped to create an unforgettable series of events that made a lasting impression through attention to detail, much like that of the items on display to commemorate moments in time that touched lives.

Success in the Numbers


Venue Highlights

The upper levels of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History were transformed for guests to enjoy cocktails, American-style food, a branded stage with large ensemble performances, and the main event – perusing and experiencing the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Hall of American Culture and the Marcia and Frank Carlucci Hall of Culture and the Arts seconds after their opening.


Unique Elements

Touches of Americana and pop culture from a hot dog stand offering a favorite American staple, a booth for photos in honor of Dorothy’s ruby slippers returning to the Smithsonian, and of course, the opportunity to celebrate pop culture with others in the industry including Dave Grohl, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Susan Tedeschi, Althea Thomas, Sophia Bush, and more!


Linder Moments

Creating unique, memorable moments is our calling card.  For an evening like this, it means grand moments of dancing with our performers and personalized touches like branded scissors for the event donors.


Brand Exposure

Whether it was a red carpet for our guests, press management at the award ceremony, or social media promotion, the #EntertainmentNation evening received over a million impressions within the week of the event.

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