Our consulting and event auditing inspires organizations to explore strategic ways to grow their mission. We provide our partners with a range of options to evaluate and expand their goals through the power of strategic convening. Through our proven model, we assess each partner’s opportunities and establish customized recommendations to ignite their brand/mission/cause.

The Need

In our post-pandemic world, internal and external audiences long to connect and demand thoughtful, engaging, and interactive moments. Organizations do not have the luxury of wasting their time.

The Purpose

Through more than 25 years of experience and extensive research on this shifting trend, Linder Global Events created our guide to assisting organizations strategically convene to simplify and maximize their critical moments.

Linder’s Strategic Convening Elements

Linder’s Strategic Convening in Practice

Event Auditing

We use our 11-step auditing process to review previous events + stakeholder engagements to develop strategic assessments + goal documentation to elevate your events and brand.

  • Strategic Convening Assessment
  • Market Discovery
  • Internal Stakeholder Review
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Event Portfolio Review
  • Budget Reviews
  • Future Planning Recommendations
  • Design + Future Creations

Event Consulting

We implement our strategic convening handbook to create a dynamic event strategy to strengthen engagement with key stakeholders to exceed the modern organizational convening goals.

  • Strategic Convening Assessment
  • Customized Strategic Visioning Sessions
  • Trusted Vendor Partnerships Recommendations
  • Budget Consultation
  • Sample Schedule Development
  • Event Project Management Expertise
  • Strategic Marketing + Enrollment Partnership
  • Communication Planning (Media + Digital)

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