The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) International Ministerial Conference

When the International Atomic Energy Agency awarded Linder Global Events their international conference, we knew that the moment had to be impactful as the world’s eyes were watching. This four-day event would have heads of state, diplomats, significant press coverage, and country representatives that required a unique format and location for the event. This conference needed a large facility, heavy audio/visual elements, security, project management, and the element of international sophistication.

Exceeding Expectations

To exceed the requirements, the agency, in partnership with Linder, selected the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to host their conference and invited over 70 partnering nations to join this important conversation about how nuclear power can contribute to sustainable development and the mitigation of climate change.

Event Partnership Success

Linder Global Events leveraged their extensive experience in managing large-scale events and knowledge of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to create a distinctive moment that facilitated dialogues around sophisticated topics within the international community.


Success in the Numbers


Venue Highlights

With the support of the U.S. Department of Energy, the Linder team transformed the convention center to meet the conference’s unique formats for private international dialogues, an international stage for formal presentations, seven translation configurations, creative space usage for +800 international guests, and the virtual capabilities to host international dignitaries.


Unique Elements

With this large international audience, the event required seven translated languages for the events, eight large screens, individual microphones per nation, and a significant press region to cover such an impactful moment.


Linder Moments

When the lights came on the stage as the U.S. Secretary of Energy addressed 70 nations on 8 size screens and translated in seven languages, the sense of inspiration set over the audience for the three days of dialogues to make a global impact.


Brand Exposure

Discussing such high impact topics, more than 25 members of the press joined the event and coverage lead to significant coverage including topic coverage on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

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