With the mission to promote understanding of the natural world and our place in it, The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History needed a landmark event to celebrate how our past connects to our present and shapes our future. In creating a transformative, pre-historic world for guests to captivate their imagination, the opening events of the David H. Koch Hall of Fossils brought guests to a world in which our past can help guide our future.

Highlighting Past, Present, + Future

Named after top donor David H. Koch, the exhibition tells the story of 3.7 billion years of life on Earth, highlighting the connections among ecosystems, climate, geological forces and evolution and encouraging visitors to understand that the choices they make today will have an impact on the future.

Celebrating History

The NMNH hosted three special events, a Donor Dinner, Member Preview Gala, and a Public Opening, that allowed guests to take in all the Fossil Hall has to offer. Each event had elements to provide an engaging experience for all guests including a private dinner and tour of the hall, a reception with food stations and pop-up entertainment throughout the museum, and an opening for the public with engaging elements including mask-making for kids and special performances – all ending with the big reveal.

Event Partnership Success

Linder ensured all three events ran successfully with a variety of additional support for the client including collateral creation, general consulting, RSVP management, regular staff, show callers, production assistants, and crowd manager/guides throughout the weekend of events.

Success in the Details


Venue Highlights

Transformed a unique evening for +650 guests into a pre-historic experience highlighting the opening of the Hall of Fossils.


Unique Elements

Transformed the Museum for the overall experience to create over 500 T-Rex children’s masks for participants along with guiding local artists to create an extinct world rendering throughout the Museum Rotunda.


Linder Moments

To capture this ancient energy, Linder activated the fossil night with unique elements including custom actors, “Herbivore” + “Carnivore” themed food stations to transform their audience.


Brand Exposure

Through publications, social media + national press, this unique opening reached over 500,000 impressions.

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