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What Event Professionals Should Do Now During COVID-19—ECEO

What Event Professionals Should Do Now During COVID-19—ECEO

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What Event Professionals Should Do Now During COVID-19—ECEO Rebecca Linder, Regan Lamb, Megan Cumming & Linda Lindamood

Producer’s Note: In keeping with social distancing, our team recorded this podcast in their respective homes. Our apologies in advance as you’ll hear some noises throughout the recording. Just like you, we’re adjusting and rolling with it!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the events industry in ways we never imagined. And while live events have either been cancelled or postponed, maintaining human connection remains incredibly important. As the events industry pivots, new ways of convening virtually are unveiled each day. So, what can we do as events professionals to adapt to this new normal?

On this episode of Event CEO, Linder Global COO Regan Lamb hosts a conversation among her colleagues, Rebecca Linder, Founder and CEO, Megan Cumming, VP of Event Operations, and Linda Lindamood, VP of Safety and Logistics, to discuss what event professionals should be doing to navigate the Coronavirus shutdown. They explore how emerging health concerns will shift what an on-site experience looks like, what we can do to adapt as consumer spending habits change, and why much more collaboration with clients and vendors will be necessary moving forward.

The Linder leadership team goes on to explain why it’s crucial for events teams to digitize their processes and get ahead of advancements in technology, applying innovation to produce hybrid events that seamlessly integrate in-person and virtual participation. Listen in for insight on pivoting to an online environment in the near-term and learn how WE event professionals have the extraordinary opportunity to be the creators of how the world functions tomorrow.

Topics include:

  • When the Linder Global team realized the gravity of the pandemic
  • How health concerns will change what an on-site experience looks like
  • How the events industry has come together + the conversations we are having
  • Rethinking what fundraising looks like in a virtual environment
  • How current circumstances allow us to connect in an authentic way
  • Our responsibility to adapt as consumer spending habits change
  • The need for more collaboration with vendors and clients moving forward
  • How event budgets will change in light of the Coronavirus crisis
  • Why it’s crucial for event teams to digitize their processes
  • The opportunity we have to create how the world functions tomorrow
  • The potential around hybrid events combining virtual and in-person attendees
  • What event professionals should do to get ahead of advancements in tech
  • How tech innovation is likely to expand our access to content + people

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Rebecca Linder Self Image

Rebecca Linder, Founder + CEO

Rebecca is a leader and an innovator. Her focus has always been on the goal of providing unmatched customer service.  That, and her commitment to organizational and production excellence, has led Linder Global Events to the top of the event planning business, producing national and international events for many of the world’s largest and most prestigious non-profit institutions, corporations, government agencies, and membership associations.

Rebecca’s LinkedIn


Regan Lamb, COO

Regan is a mission-driven leader with a demonstrated talent for advancing organizational and business objectives. Regan brings to Linder over two decades of experience in collaborative leadership, project management, community engagement, marketing, strategic communications, program development, business growth, and organizational and team development.

Regan’s LinkedIn


Megan Cummings head shot

Megan Cumming, VP of Events

Megan Cumming has been a true asset to Linder for the past fifteen years. As Vice President of Events, Megan is a vital part of event strategy, responsible for leading a dynamic team and overseeing a full roster of cutting-edge events. Methodical, tactical, and efficient with an extraordinary ability to think on her feet, Megan continues to solve even the most complex challenges for both clients and the Linder team.

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Linda Lindamood head shot

Linda Lindamood, VP of Safety & Logistics

Linda has distinguished herself as a leader in the special events industry, as well as a subject matter expert in, logistics, incident management, transportation and crowd management, security and agency liaison. She continues to lead Linder’s liaison efforts with local and federal agencies, law enforcement and emergency managers to the design and development and operational testing of emergency management plans, including transportation, crowd management, safety and security strategies, disaster prevention, evacuation, response and resilience plans, for day to day operations and large-scale public events.

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