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What’s Fashion Got To Do With It?

What’s Fashion Got To Do With It?

Green Pop of Color Event table setups

As event architects, we have a lot to consider when it comes to producing a seamless event experience that will transport the audience. There are many things we can do to enhance the experience of our guests, but one of the simplest and often overlooked things is the color scheme of the event. An impactful color scheme can make an event concept come to life as soon as the guests walk through the door.

Twice per year, Pantone and its world renowned color matching system releases The Fashion Color Report. The Fashion Color Report looks at clothing shown on runways of that respective season and compiles the top 10 most popular colors from all of the collections shown.

But what does this have to do with the event industry? The colors that are resonating in the apparel industry will also likely be popular in the décor industry because colors are appealing for more than just their aesthetic properties—they communicate a message that someone wearing clothing or a client putting on an event would like to get across. Colors create atmosphere and mood, which in turn can help to advertise the brand of a client that is hosting an event. As event professionals it is important for us to promote the brand of our client, and utilizing an appropriate color scheme is among the most effective ways to do so.

For the Spring 2016 Fashion Color Report, “Green Flash” was among the top ten colors to appear on the Spring runways. “Green Flash” is by nature an adventurous color that requires a lively atmosphere in its presence. This hue echoes the Springtime sentiment of finding inspiration in a blooming environment and being able to enjoy nature once again. With this shade popular on the Spring runways, it will be no surprise to see it carry over to many Springtime events held in the coming weeks. This shade provides both a pop of color and a pop of spring to an event.

We are happy to say we recognize the color from past events that Linder Global Events has been a part of planning. See above for images from past events that utilize this vibrant color that has come back in style!

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