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Welcome to Our Summer Lindterns

Welcome to Our Summer Lindterns

Summer is in full swing here in D.C and we’ve just welcomed our newest batch of  interns (pictured left to right): Aditi Gupte, McKinley Polla, and Nerissa Anderson. This robust summer program spans 10 weeks with the opportunity to shadow various departments and gain experience in event planning and marketing. We invited our interns to tell us more about themselves and offer some insight into their day to day activities.

McKinley is one of our events interns and is a rising senior at Syracuse University majoring in Policy Studies and minoring in Religion and Information Technology.

Aditi is our marketing intern and is a rising junior at George Washington University majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and minoring in Psychology.

Nerissa is our second events intern and is a rising junior at  Towson University majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

What is your favorite part of this internship so far?

McKinley: “That I am not actually treated like an intern. Right away Leeann and Carter trusted me with tasks, so I instantly felt like a part of their team. Melissa, Leeann, and Carter [event director, architect, and coordinator respectively] have included me in all their meetings, conference calls, and even site visits, which, has allowed me to learn so much in such a short period of time.”

Aditi: “I love how much responsibility I’m given. Since day one, Rachel and Rose [Linder’s marketing director and marketing coordinator] made me feel integrated into the marketing team and encouraged me to reach out with any questions. They’ve been super patient with me as I learned how to do the tasks they assigned me and have taught me so much about marketing in the short time that I’ve been here.”

Nerissa: “My favorite part about this internship is I have lots of hands on learning experience that helps me really understand the logic and skills when it comes to event planning”.

What were you most nervous about? 

McKinley: “I was most nervous about not knowing how to do something and being too afraid to ask”.

Aditi: “I was nervous about messing something up. I always want to make a good impression so I worried about doing a task wrong. (I quickly realized that making mistakes is totally fine and it’s more important to own up to them and learn for the future!)”.

Nerissa: “I was most nervous about not going to be able to understand the tasks assigned but everybody is very helpful and extremely eager to teach me everything I need to learn”.

What was something unexpected about the internship? 

McKinley: “The sense of community that I have seen from everyone at Linder since I have been here. Everyone is so willing to answer any questions I have and teach me anything I don’t know how to do. My fear of not being able to ask questions was gone my first day because of the teamwork-centered atmosphere that is cultivated here at Linder. I am so gracious to be working this summer with people that have this refreshing team-like mentality. Thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcomed and a part of the Linder team”.

Aditi: ” The company culture at Linder. Being part of my first all-staff meeting really emphasized how important company culture is to me and at Linder. Everyone is so welcoming and constantly learning on the job. Getting hands on experience with marketing has been so valuable to me and I feel like I’m really able to apply what I’ve learned in my classes into my everyday work.”

Nerissa: “Something I did not expect about the internship is dynamic here. Everyone is like a family and I felt welcomed my very first day”.

What do you hope to gain from this internship?

McKinley: “I hope to gain a better understanding of timelines and the more behind the scenes details work that leads up to an event. Also, I am extremely excited about the opportunity for real on-site experience. I hope once I have more practice in the lead up and the on-site tasks, I will gain confidence in understanding the events industry and, have the skills and experience to continue work in this field.”

Aditi: “I hope to gain personal and professional growth. I’m already getting used to working more independently and asking for help when I need it which I know is helping me grow tremendously. I am excited for the opportunity to learn, network, and gain experience in the events industry.”

Nerissa: “I hope to gain from this internship key strategies and skills on how to best market a company. Whether that’s through social media or events.”


Fun fact about our summer interns: They are all left-handed! We’re so excited to see everything they accomplish this summer.

We’ve just begun accepting applications for fall class. If you’re interested being a part  in our dynamic, challenging and fun program please submit your resume and cover letter to Monica Zack at mzack@linderglobal.com.

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