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The Importance of Events – ECEO001

The Importance of Events – ECEO001

  • Are events critical to your business?
  • Do they drive visibility?
  • Are they one of your largest annual expenses?
  • Does your annual event cover your operating budget?
  • Are events your vital link to engaging your clients or your employees?
  • Does your team need to innovate more around your events?

If YES! this podcast is for YOU!

Events are critical to business success. Gone are the days when events were simply entertainment vehicle for clients and employees. They are now the TOP 10 most effective business marketing strategy you can employ.

This podcast provides executive insights, tools and resources, from  c-suite leaders, leading corporations, non-profits, and event companies on how you can:

  • Maximize profits
  • Reduce expenses
  • Better activate sponsors

While leveraging technology, innovating, making that ROI, improving strategy + alignment, and effectively growing your customer base and employee pipeline.

This will enhance your internal teams events skill set and help you devise an overall strategy for more experience-based, impactful events.

We’re PASSIONATE about this. Events are GAME CHANGERS for organizations, and too often they are overlooked or not given the attention they deserve.

OUR MISSION is to educate and inspire c-suite and event executives to produce events that transform their organization and ultimately TRANSFORM LIVES.


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