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The Event is Over… Now What?

The Event is Over… Now What?

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The event went great.  The client is very happy.  The event team can breathe a sigh of relief and catch up on some much needed rest.  Now what happens?  The Linder Accounting team kicks into high gear!

After an event is over, we put the final pieces into the event puzzle by gathering all remaining expenses from multiple sources. There are vendors and contractors to be paid and the final client invoice needs to be generated, all within a 30-day timeframe.  This feat can be especially challenging during our busy season when we have multiple events happening simultaneously!

We act as a Controller for every single event. It’s as if each event is its own company entity.   We monitor and track the money coming in and the money going out for each and every project.  Similar to our event team, we develop relationships with the client and their Accounting team to deliver invoices throughout the planning process and to be their point of contact for all things fiscally related.  The planning timeline and decision deadlines set by our event team with the client are crucial to the smooth execution of the event.  Linder is a hub between our clients and our trusted vendors.  The need for vendor and labor deposits during the planning process can sometimes lead to client confusion.  We help them understand our “man in the middle” situation.  In order for our vendors to begin work on a project, most require a deposit.  Those deposits must come from the client.  Failure to do so in a timely manner may lead to an issue such as a price increase or potentially losing the vendor to another job.   This is in addition of course, to managing the everyday finances of Linder.

While our team is all about getting to the bottom line of each event in a timely fashion, we aren’t always behind the scenes.  We occasionally cross over and become members of the on-site event team, working at the event in various capacities.  This is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. Putting names to the faces of our clients, vendors and contractors enables me to experience an event that has only existed on paper for many months (or years!) actually come to fruition.

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