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The 2020 Grammy Awards: A Linder Review

The 2020 Grammy Awards: A Linder Review

Alicia Keys hosts the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center

The lead up to the 62nd annual Grammy Awards on Sunday was filled with drama – however, this year’s ceremony was far more somber than anyone had expected it to be. The sudden and tragic passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant ultimately set the tone for an incredibly emotional evening. When developing and managing live events, the ability to pivot is key. The event producers and this year’s host, Alicia Keys, were tasked with responding quickly and striking the very delicate balance between celebration and tribute.

We asked a few of our experienced events professionals to provide their feedback on this year’s show:

Rosalia’s performance during the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards


Leeann Burke, Event Architect

The Good:  “I loved the dynamic use of the stage. The creators essentially had 4 stages running, which allowed them to seamlessly transition from one performance to the next announcement and so forth. Additionally, while the overall stage set design was very streamlined with clean lines and no stationary décor pieces, the lighting team was able to create contrast, depth and bursts of color through the use of numerous lighting effects across many different surfaces. This was seen (and was one of my favorites) in Rosalía’s smoke & mirrors performance of  ‘Malamente’.”

The Not So Good: “The beautiful Alicia Keys did a wonderful job hosting this year, even with the saddening news of Kobe Bryant’s passing; however, I don’t think the writers established a connecting theme or overall message to the Ceremony. I was left feeling an overall lack of cohesiveness, that should of connected Lizzo’s statement opening to the final award and performance of the evening.”

Lizzo’s performance during the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards


Dani Filo-Jones, Event Coordinator

The Good: “The content and performances were well curated to be relevant to the current climate: political, themes of inclusions and the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant. I picked up on a 1920s theater and art deco vibe which was a nod to another era in theater and music and a nod to the new decade and the past.”

The Not So Good: “The stage crew was visible during Tyler the Creator’s performance which was distracting and took away from his grand finale of “falling” having already seen the offstage area.  A fix could be better communication of visible areas to the team. Also the main stage entry with presenters coming up the stairs was clunky and appeared challenging to some attendees with long dresses.  Entering from either side or consider stage lifts.”

Ariana Grande’s performance during the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards


Katie Spann, Operations Manager

The Good: “IBM was the official sponsor of the Grammys and they used lots of artificial intelligence to keep us up to date with the artists.  The floor constantly changed with logos/names.  It was a nice touch and something to consider in the future for sponsorship. Emphasis should be made as well when you’re using such amazing displays.”

The Not So Good: “I noticed Ariana Grande had a small wardrobe malfunction. One of the dancers were helping her change and it took a few seconds longer.  It seemed awkward and timing is everything.  This was a noticeable mistake. Something to consider in the future with costumes is to have Velcro as opposed to buttons or whatever else was used.”

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