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Social Media Wars: Instagram vs. Snapchat

Social Media Wars: Instagram vs. Snapchat

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Over the last month, Instagram and Snapchat have been releasing new features every other week. Snapchat has always been a trailblazer for on-demand photo and video and is only gaining greater popularity with each set of updates. Instagram, on the other hand, began as a platform for photo curation. When Instagram introduced their Snapchat-like Stories feature, it became apparent that they wanted to be the premiere platform for photo and video sharing. The most recent updates have made that even more obvious. Which platform should you use at your next event? Social media is a valuable form of low-cost promotion for guests to utilize. Guests at events want to share their experience and it’s important to make it as easy as possible for them so that their promotion benefits your event effectively. Snapchat and Instagram both use photo and video to share an experience and it isn’t easy to choose which platform to use.


With the creation of Instagram Stories, Instagram created a Snapchat-like experience that could reach user’s already existent fan base. Updates such as selfie filters, location stories, rewind feature, hashtag stickers, and more have made Instagram a direct competitor to Snapchat. The additions to the platform offer users everything they want in terms of photo sharing and live story creation. It allows them to create beautiful stories and share live experiences in one place. Its hashtag categorization functions and search capabilities allow guests to post photos from the same event that are automatically grouped. On the downside, Instagram has limited selfie filters and lack of story sharing functionality by attendees.


The original platform for disappearing photo and video, Snapchat continues to release unique updates that offer users benefits they can’t get anywhere else. Unfortunately, if you’re new to Snapchat, you’ll need to start from scratch and grow your followers. If you already have a solid fan base on the platform, Snapchat is one of the best for leveraging guest experience. From geofilters that can be personalized to the ability to create a whole story based on user submissions, it offers an experience that can reach millions of followers. You can create selfie features to promote an event and collect stories based on location and story submission. With the addition of group stories, Snapchat has opened the experience to be even friendlier to sharing experiences from different perspectives. Snapchat also offers a boomerang-like feature that allows users to loop video and has added a magic eraser that allows users to ‘erase’ objects from snaps.

Instagram and Snapchat will most likely continue to release updates as they fight for most popular photo and video sharing platform. They are both great platforms that should be used at events. Whichever you choose will elevate guest experience and help to promote the event and increase attendee-ship in the future. Once you decide which platform is right for you, make sure you’re getting the most out of your choice. Research all available features and opportunities to increase followership, elevate your brand, and ignite your audience.

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