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[SHOWNOTES] Who Doesn’t Love Mad-Libs? – ECEO013

[SHOWNOTES] Who Doesn’t Love Mad-Libs? – ECEO013

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What do you see to be the biggest business advantage to doing or attending events these days?

To me, it’s just about the opportunity to meet people. And when you meet people then you get to connect people with other people and the business model grows from there. It’s about that relationship – relationship building.

What’s the best use of technology that you’ve utilized at an event or seen used at another event?

Love projection mapping. I think it is the coolest thing. We recently did an event where we had a space invader game projected onto the wall and you could actually play the game from paddles that were on the table. It was for a corporate event but I’m working on bringing it into my social events.

What’s the most innovative thing you’ve seen done either at your event or an event you’ve attended?

It comes down to play. I think people just want to play. So I do lots of fun play things, but one thing I have on my mind to do it, whoever wants to do it, please!: A giant Mad-Libs board. But then you can customize it, so if it’s a corporate event you can customize it to the model of the corporation, you could customize it to their philosophy with fun fill-in-the-blanks with everyone participating. So that’s something I’m dying to do.


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0001_evoke-3405174256-oGUEST: Jodi Moraru

Passion combined with inspiration is the driving force behind the success of Jodi Moraru’s clients’ events. Following over 25 years in the event industry, and 16 years as the founder and creator of EVOKE, Jodi today brings a fresh approach to each and every event she produces. “I have the left and right sides of my brain working simultaneously,” Jodi says. This enables her to not only come up with unique and creative concepts, but also to execute them with precision and flair. There is nothing cookie cutter about the events that Jodi produces. Each event is approached as its own unique creation, which allows the team at EVOKE to always exceed clients’ expectations. Clients, time and time again, say that they love Jodi’s enthusiasm, responsiveness and calm manner.

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