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Critical Diplomacy with Shelby Scarbrough – ECEO023

Critical Diplomacy with Shelby Scarbrough – ECEO023

Shelby Scarbrough started her career in protocol by setting up events for the President of the United States, moved over to the State Department to serve guests of the President, and eventually created her own world-class event management firm, Practical Protocol. Join Rebecca Linder as she talks with Shelby about handling White House visits, cultural protocol differences around the world, and when to break the rules to deliver the best possible experience for your client or their guests.

Topics include:
• How protocol influences event planning and consideration
• Serving high-profile diplomats and leaders
• Understanding the “why” behind cultural protocols
• Taking ownership of your client’s event budget
• Lifelong learning and how it benefits entrepreneurs

Resources mentioned in this episode:

CIA World Factbook
Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Seed Invest
OPM – Owner/President Management Program
The Crisis of Disengagement by Andrew Sherman


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Shelby Scarbrough combines an entrepreneurial background with the pride and responsibility of public service to bring new perspectives to each endeavor. Her skills and experience blend protocol with practicality for business and government executives alike.

She demonstrates a diverse background with experience in small business, entrepreneurism, government affairs, international relations, public relations, marketing, fundraising, and philanthropy and takes ownership of whatever she tackles.

As Global Board President for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) (www.eonetwork.org), an international association of over 10000 highly motivated entrepreneurs worldwide in 40 countries, she spent three years traveling the globe speaking to international businesses on behalf of the organization. As a chief “EO Ambassador,” she initiated legacy programs in global sponsorships, external awareness, and raised the global stature of the organization with a year long, global 20th Anniversary celebration.

Shelby is a public speaker covering topics ranging from customer service, to civility. In August 2015, she was chosen as graduation speaker and reunion chairman for her Harvard Business School graduation class of the Owner President Managed program.

An avid angel investor, Shelby co-founded nCourage Entrepreneurs an Angel Fund in association with The Rice University Business Plan Competition and serves as an advisor for business development and strategic relationships and planning for a number of start up companies.

Throughout her career, Ms. Scarbrough worked with such notable figures as: His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, Presidents Reagan, Bush, Ford, Carter and Nixon, President Walesa of Poland, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and members of the Royal Family, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela. She planned events and meetings in locations ranging from the Vatican to Buckingham Palace to The Kremlin and The White House.

Her career began in The White House Office of Presidential Advance, and a Protocol Officer at the U.S. Department of State. Upon the death of President Reagan, she was asked to serve as the Deputy Lead in Washington, DC for the State Funeral of the President.

In 1990, Shelby founded Practical Protocol www.practicalprotocol.com, an international special events management and business protocol training organization specializing in custom-designed logistic plans addressing the unique needs of high profile clients.

She is a published contributing author for “The Power of Civility” – a book that explores the various ways civility is part of our world and how civility still remains a worthy goal of society and for an upcoming business book, “The Crisis of Engagement” with a chapter called “Engaging in Civility.”

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