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Our Top 5 Reasons We Know Beyoncé is an Amazing Event Producer

Our Top 5 Reasons We Know Beyoncé is an Amazing Event Producer

You know she’s an incredible performer but her latest Netflix documentary “Homecoming” reveals she’s a lot more than just that. Read below for 5 reasons she’s an amazing event producer:

1. Beyoncé is extremely detail-oriented
The singer was involved in every aspect of creating her iconic performance. She hand-picked every dancer, designed the stage set, and collaborated with designers to ensure every sequin and shade on stage contributed to the overall symbolism of the show.

2. She was intentional from the beginning
In her Netflix documentary, Beyoncé talks passionately about her pride in black culture and how she wanted to highlight it through her set. The singer reminisces about going to Battle of the Bands [the H.B.C.U. marching band showcase] and the incredible energy she felt when watching the performances. She explains how she wanted the Coachella set to feel the way it felt when she attended all those years ago. The intention and vision were set and every detail followed suit. That visual communication and continuity is something we all aspire to in every event we produce.

3. She worked tirelessly to make her “deadline”
In the events industry, our lives revolve around hard and fast deadlines, and sometimes that means trading up sleep for lots of coffee to get the job done. After giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir, Beyoncé had a deadline of her own – snap back into shape in time for Coachella. Her new routine included SoulCycle classes – in addition to rehearsals – and a very strict diet. In her film, she delves into her regime, “In order to meet my goal, I’m limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol,” says the singer. It seems to pay off in the gleeful moment Beyoncé finally fits back into one of her outfits from the 2016 Formation Tour.

4. She’s a work life balance pro
The singer would breast-feed the twins in between rehearsals and made sure her children were with her whenever she could. One beautiful moment in the film, Beyoncé gushes as she takes Rumi and Sir into her arms during a break. Another moment features Blue Ivy practicing with her dancers and not missing a beat! Though she admits it was tough balancing work while mothering 3 children, the documentary showed plenty of moments where she did both beautifully. All of us in the industry know that we are more successful when we can find time for things that exist outside of our event world. Our friends and family keep us grounded and focused.

5. She continued the conversation post the event
There is a lot of work and effort that goes into creating a performance of this scale – over 200 people were coordinated to participate in Beyoncé’s performance. Without any post-event action, most events slowly fade into the back of an attendee’s mind. By creating a documentary and gifting her fans with a live album, Beyoncé assured her performance would live on forever. We bring the same expertise to our clients to help them see beyond the event and cultivate commitment and buy in from their attendees and supporters.

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