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On the Panel at Event Farm’s Tour d’States 2016: Event Marketing Roadshow

On the Panel at Event Farm’s Tour d’States 2016: Event Marketing Roadshow

2016: Event Marketing Roadshow Panel

Photo via Event Farm @eventfarm. Pictured above from left to right: panel guests Joe Colangelo (CEO and Co-Founder of Bear Analytics), Lindsay Robbins (Event Director, Linder Global Events), and Rachel Dobroth (Director, Meetings and Events at Social Tables)

We had the privilege of attending Event Farm’s TOUR D’STATES 2016: Event Marketing Roadshow during their Washington, DC stop.  Event Farm COO Brennan McReynolds started things off with a keynote speech focused on the evolution of events.

This is an important concept to keep in mind when planning every aspect of your event. Ask yourself: What story do we want to tell? What do we want our audience to remember about our event? What do we want our audience to gain from our event? These are questions that must be asked throughout the lifecycle of the event. In addition to telling a story, you must build trust with your audience. An event is an opportunity to create a relationship with your client and/or guests.

The second part of the event consisted of a panel with Joe Colangelo, CEO and Co-Founder of Bear Analytics, Rachel Dobroth, Director, Meetings and Events at Social Tables, and Lindsay Robbins, Event Director at Linder Global Events.  The panel focused on the evolution of events over the last decade and how new developments can benefit both attendees and event planners.  Robbins spoke about how the conversation at events has changed:

The prominence of social media in today’s mobile world makes this realization extremely important to keep in mind.  Most attendees will be sharing their experiences and discussing their opinion of an event while it is ongoing through various social channels. This is where social listening and data analytics comes into play. Colangelo discussed how data can help you best tell your story to your audience.

In closing, Dobroth reaffirmed the need to get feedback from your attendees during the event.

This means monitoring your mentions on social media, following your event’s hashtags, and listening to any comments your guests have about the event.

The panel reaffirmed that utilizing technology, social listening, and analytics can increase your ROI and improve your guests experience. Remember to be a storyteller, identify your audience, and listen to them before, during and after the event. When done correctly, your audience will feel comfortable and your event will provide you with the information you need to succeed.

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