National Air and Space Museum’s Apollo 50: “Go for the Moon”

National Air and Space Museum’s Apollo 50: “Go for the Moon”

National Air and Space Museum’s Apollo 50: “Go for the Moon”

The National Air and Space Museum's Apollo 50: "Go for the Moon"

This once in a lifetime opportunity to see a 363 foot rocket projected onto the Washington Monument is finally here! For five nights, beginning July 16th through July 20th 2019,  the Washington Monument will transform into a Saturn V rocket bound for the Moon.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, and the moment Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin were launched in orbit, The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum designed a stunning light show with viewing areas available on the National Mall between the Smithsonian Castle and National Museum of Natural History.

From Tuesday, July 16 to Thursday July 18 between 9:30 PM and 11:30PM, a static image of the 363 Saturn V rocket will be projected on the east side of the Washington Monument, facing the Capitol building.

At 10:56 p.m. EST on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon where he said the famous words “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. The countdown to this historic event will be recreated on Saturday July 20, 2019. Starting Friday night, July 19 and Saturday night, July 20th, the launch will come to life with a full-motion projection blending footage of the original launch and Moon landing with artwork in a 17-minute event titled “Apollo 50: Go for the Moon”. The show will run both nights at 9:30 PM, 10:30 PM, and 11:30 PM and will feature supporting screens, including a 40 foot recreation of the Kennedy Space Center countdown clock and giant speakers to project sound.

The historic presentation of “Apollo 50: Go for the Moon,” conceived and commissioned by the National Air and Space Museum, was made possible by a unanimous, bipartisan joint resolution of Congress, sponsored by the Smithsonian Board of Regents and signed by President Donald J. Trump. For the first time in history, stunning projection mapping is featured on the face of a monument!

Each show day, over 25,000 are expected to be on the Mall to witness the presentation. Behind the excitement was a significant amount of planning to keep the Washington Mall safe and enjoyable for the thousands to celebrate. Linder is proud to provide event and logistics management for the National Air and Space Museum’s presentation of “Apollo 50: Go for the Moon”, curated by 59 productions.

Though highly anticipated, the show on the Washington Monument is not the only way that Apollo 11’s mission can be celebrated this week, in fact, there is much to experience during the day! The National Air and Space Museum is hosting an Apollo 50 Festival on the Mall July 18-20 from 9 AM to 5 PM on July 18th and 19th and 9 AM to 8 PM on July 20th. At the Apollo 50 Festival’s stage, visitors can enjoy hands-on exhibits from exhibitors like NASA, Boeing, Raytheon, and The LEGO Group,  live performances on stage by Ready, Jet, Go! and exciting speakers including Adam Savage, ISS astronauts, and NASA scientists and engineers. In collaboration with the National Air and Space Museum, Linder is proudly providing project management and exhibitor support for the Festival.

Planning to join the celebration, visit the Air and Space Museum’s website and text Apollo50GO to 888777 for live updates on the days of the shows!

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