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[NEW VIDEO] Behind the Scenes: USA Science & Engineering Festival

[NEW VIDEO] Behind the Scenes: USA Science & Engineering Festival

This video is a testament to the collaboration that is required to produce an event of this magnitude. With five days of load-in, over 365,000 visitors in attendance, and hundreds of ongoing activations, each and every person who participated in making this event possible was critical to its success. In this unique perspective, the event experience is captured from all viewpoints: vendor, event manager, client, and attendee.

The USA Science & Engineering Festival (USASEF) was created to reinvigorate interest in STEM in our nation’s youth by producing the most inspiring, educational and hands-on science festival in the country. USASEF relied on Linder’s team to create an experience that gets kids excited about science fields by understanding the incredible, tangible things they can accomplish as STEM professionals. Linder’s team worked with USASEF to completely re-imagine the Festival’s layout to match the way students and parents actually wanted to consume information. We created an experiential, user-centered event design for USASEF that responded directly to the needs of the festival’s broad range of attendees — from parents, to elementary school students, to high school seniors. For more information on the production of this festival, view our case study.

Supporting vendors include but are not limited to: Onpeak, Hi-Tech Electric, Event EQ, CSC USA, Digital Conventions, AMR, Events DC, Smart City, GES, and GLP DC.

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