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Meet the Linder Interns (AKA Lindterns)

Meet the Linder Interns (AKA Lindterns)

Our interns are a key part of our success here at Linder.  The program is structured so that they are integrated into our event teams and have the opportunity to step up, experience events firsthand and enhance their studies.


We invited the members of our spring class to tell us about themselves:

I’m Elizabeth Mannheimer I’m a senior at American University and I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. In May, I’ll graduate with a degree in Public Relations and Strategic Communication, with a minor in Spanish.  I have been an Events Intern with Linder Global Events since August and feel so lucky for everything I have experienced over this past academic year. When I reflect on how I ended up with an internship in the events industry, I am first brought back to elementary school.  Every year I would beg my mom to host an end of the school year party for my entire class. I loved making the invitations and handing them out to my classmates, coordinating the snacks and how many water guns we would need, and finally setting everything up the day of the party before welcoming all my friends. Years later in high school, as president of a school club, I planned a charitable basketball tournament and carnival, in which hundreds would attend, giving me more of an understanding of what an events job entails. In college, I realized I have always loved event planning, so when I saw a former Linder intern (Lintern) post about this internship, I did my research and realized what a great opportunity this could be.

Every day in the office or on site at events I am learning new event terms, methods and practices.  My teammates take the time to explain to me why they do every small task so that I can understand how everything relates to the big picture.

My time with Linder has taught me to be proactive, to treat mistakes as learning opportunities, and that a lively and entertaining office environment makes people want to come to work every day. Linder is a company filled with hard workers and team players who make magic happen, and I feel extremely proud to be a part of it.

Elizabeth is working on: the Pink Tie Party and the Trust for the National Mall Ball on the Mall.

My name Jedrzej Smyk and I am in 3rd year of an Event Management course at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in Dublin, Ireland.

As I always loved sports and all sporting events, event management became one of the career options I wished to pursue once I left school. My first journey with college involved Computer Science, I soon realized that it is not for me and dropped out to pursue Event Management the following year. I enjoyed every moment of my journey in this industry ever since and have never looked back.

I wanted to complete my internship abroad and preferably in the US, I decided to approach hundreds of event companies in all of the major cities across the states. After dozens of interviews and receiving numerous offers from companies in Boston, Dallas and New York, I decided to join Linder because of the category of events the company organizes as well as an established intern program and experience of hosting international interns.

I’m from Poland originally and moved to Ireland at the age of 10. This is my first time in the US and I arrived here without knowing anyone. I grew up playing football, gaelic football and competing in various running competitions, both sprint as well as long distance cross country. I gave sports up but still religiously follow all of the biggest European football leagues as well as NBA and professional gaming scenes.

Jed is working on: USA Science and Engineering Festival

My name is Lilian Moreno and I was born in Cuba. I moved to the states 11 years ago and have lived in a small beach town in Southwest Florida ever since. I am currently a junior at American University working towards a dual degree in Public Relations and Strategic Communications as well as in CLEG (Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government), which is an interdisciplinary political science program.The events industry is such an integral part of the public relations world that I wanted to get a better grasp and understanding of it. I believe that to be able to best practice in the field of public relations I need a full understanding of all of the components that go into successful PR, especially events. After doing research on different event firms in DC, I knew that I wanted to intern in one with a strong emphasis on the fact that events are holistic experiences and that was passionate about delivering the best product to their clients. I found that with Linder.

Because of my background and nationality, I am extremely passionate about the Spanish-speaking media in the US and hope to become involved in that field as a PR professional. I have also always been an avid reader and would also hope to incorporate publishing and book promotions into my career. Apart from my professional interest, I love traveling, cooking, and impressionist art.  My favorite artist is Van Gogh.

Lillian is working on: the Halcyon Awards and By the People Art Festival.

We are currently accepting resumes for our summer and fall interns. If you are interested in joining us, please send your information to
Monica Zack (mzack@linderglobal.com) or visit our website for more information.

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