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Meet our Team: Rachel Pully, Event Architect

Meet our Team: Rachel Pully, Event Architect

Rachel Pully photo

Above: Lois Foote Event Architect (Left) and Rachel Pulley Event Architect (Right)

Where are you from originally?
Williamsburg, VA

What made you interested in the event world?
When I graduated from college, I thought I wanted to do Arts Policy, so I got an internship at the Smithsonian. My favorite part of working there was the events that we put on. I liked the start and stop, the adrenaline rush you get before an event and the relief afterwards, so I decided to pursue that.

What was your major in college?
Public Policy

What’s the best part of living in DC?
I like my bus ride, I get to read and listen to podcasts. Also, it’s a nice way to explore the city – I always discover new streets that I’ve never been on.

Favorite place to vacation?
The beach! The Outer Banks are the greatest. Love family vacations at the beach, campfires… all that good stuff.

How did you come to work at Linder?
I didn’t ever actually work with Linder at the Smithsonian, but I heard about them from another woman who worked at the Smithsonian during my internship. As soon as I figured out that I liked events, I had a meeting with her and she gave me a list of people to contact if I really wanted to try events and work for one of these pretty intense companies and get my feet wet. Linder was one of those companies.

What’s the best perk of the job or favorite part of working here?
People! Always the people – the team is great.

What is something most people don’t realize that event planners do?
There are so many! Speaker coordination was a big surprise to me. You have to contact them and request a lot of information from them and make sure that you have the right AV equipment that they are going to expect. The finished production makes it look easy, but there’s a lot in the details that take place beforehand.

Is there a particular role during events that you enjoy working on the most?
At events, I like being in the thick of it. I like food & beverage management, stage management – that’s all fun. Prior to events, I like getting involved with all the collateral and décor. The pretty stuff.

Have you gotten to travel anywhere because of this job?
Yes – Switzerland! I went to Switzerland with Lois and Eileen last year, and then Lois and I extended our trip and we went to Paris and Amsterdam together.

What is your dream event to plan?
The Olympics is definitely on my bucket list to attend and planning it would be one million times better!

Coolest event tech that you’ve used?
At the BizBash event, they had these bracelets that they could program to light up at certain times during the conference. They had them synced to a question platform that they were using so they could light up your bracelet if you were one of the people who answered “yes” to a particular question. Fun piece of jewelry!

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