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Looking Ahead for 2016

Looking Ahead for 2016

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Rebecca Linder, Founder + CEO

This year, the common theme will be more personalized experiences that send guests down a path for them as an individual and the tribe they belong to. There are a few different subcategories that will inform this. Current trends in neuro and behavioral science are already having a tremendous impact in the field of neuromarketing, and this will become even more significant as we focus on customizing experiences. Philanthropy will also come into play, particularly with millennials. If we can leverage the millennial desire to do good at the same time that they are having an experience we have a winning combination. Finally, mobile apps. They are no longer optional and their functionality will continue to expand. This year, mobile will be the conduit for more in-event experiences. The synergies between all of these components will be truly fascinating to watch unfold throughout the events industry as the year goes on.


Megan Cumming, Vice President of Operations

“Companies will replace policy with principles,” Mike Curtis, VP of Engineering for Airbnb is cutting through red tape and creating a dynamic, efficient and successful team. Having trust in your people to make solid decisions and allowing them the freedom to use it relieves the burden of needing to implement policy and bureaucracy that inevitably slows the growth and progress of a small to mid-size company.  Curtis talks about how he hires for this trust, how to make imperfections an asset not a liability, and how to get changes to stick in this article on First Round Review. Companies – take note!


Linda Lindamood, Vice President of Logistics Management Services

“Life Safety First” – Is not just a phrase It is a culture.  I predict 2016 to be the year of planning and preparedness.  With today’s climate, event planners have a greater responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their clients, guests and overall organization. More and more I see planners getting actively involved and attending and participating in safety focused conferences and organizations.  Including public safety officials and professionals early in the event planning process will reduce risk and increase awareness and response.  Make it the motto of your year – Life Safety First!

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