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#LinderPodcastPicks – 5.24.16

#LinderPodcastPicks – 5.24.16

LinderPodcastPicks Ipads

This week Marketing Coordinator Ilana Moreno offers her #LinderPodcastPicks on all the stuff you should know:

Stuff You Should Know

It’s rated the #1 Top Podcast on iTunes, and rightfully so. Hosts Chuck and Josh cover every topic imaginable in this bi-weekly podcast, from Who Gets to Name Continents to unsolved mysteries and the science behind umami, jackhammers, and hula-hoops, to name a few. Even the driest of topics are given new life by the colloquial banter between the hosts. They remain relatively unbiased in their reporting, despite often covering tricky subjects that tend to have lines drawn all over them. It will be hard for you to walk away from this podcast without feeling enlightened and giddy with childlike awe at discovering the world as you know it in a new light.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

From the same HowStuffWorks.com, Stuff Mom Never Told You covers a similar range of topics that get down to the “business of being women from every imaginable angle”. Cristen and Caroline provide history lessons you’d never hear about in school, take on social issues respectfully and factually, and highlight important, powerful women who are oftentimes overshadowed or underrepresented. Their ChangeMAKERS miniseries consists of interviews with such figures as Regina Wilson, FDNY’s 12th African-American female firefighter who discussed dreaming big and defying expectations, and American soccer star Abby Wambach, who filled listeners in on her Title X plans for the future and why failure matters. Become a consistent listener and you’ll find yourself entertained, at times shocked, but most importantly, informed and empowered.

This Week In Startups
Launch Media, LLC

Jason Calacanis is an American Internet entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, and angel investor. Every week, Jason interviews a guest expert and entrepreneur, inviting a colorful conversation on their product or service, the challenges they’ve faced or anticipate facing, their industry insights, and commentary on social, political and cultural events. Guests have included Steve Case, co-Founder of AOL, Tony Xu, co-Founder of DoorDash, Sebastian Thrun of Udacity, Change.org Founder & CEO Ben Rattray, and so many more. Every podcast feels like a sci-fi look into the future – although, in this case, there may be more fact than fiction.

The Jumpstart Podcast

Jeff Sauer (a.k.a Jeffalytics) is a Google Analytics, WordPress, PPC and SEO Teacher and Consultant. Jeff interviews some of the most prominent names in Digital Marketing, such as Lee Odden, Mike King, Rand Fishkin, Samantha Noble, and Lea Pica, among others. Guests share their origin stories (each one wildly different from the next) and the discoveries and learnings that led them to become the experts they are today. They are stories of perseverance and self-education, but most importantly, of a shared-knowledge community. As a developing digital marketer myself, listening to their experiences and insights makes me feel right on track.


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