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#LinderPodcastPicks – 12.8.15

#LinderPodcastPicks – 12.8.15

LinderPodcastPicks Ipads

This week Rachel Pulley, a Linder Event Architect, shares her #LinderPodcastPicks for staying entertained during the daily bus commute to and from the office. In her words, here’s what’s worth listening to and why:

Tiny Desk Concerts
produced by NPR

Musicians performing at an NPR host’s desk for a teeny live audience.  Sometimes it’s artists I’ve never heard of, but sometimes it’s Adele and that’s great.

produced by NPR

Science-y, but not too science-y.  Describes itself as “designed for listeners who demand skepticism, but appreciate wonder.”  I like it because it looks at the world from the opposite perspective that I do every day.  I’ve never been drawn to math or science or anything analytical, but somehow this podcast puts that type of information in a very interesting and approachable format.

Learn French by Podcast

This one isn’t too exciting, the title says it all, but I keep trying to listen to it in preparation for heading off to Switzerland this time around!


And for those looking for something to read rather than listen to, here’s one for the #LinderBookClub:

On Beauty
written by Zadie Smith

This is the book I’ve read most recently.  It follows the lives of a mixed-race British American family.  Kind of a dark comedy built on the tensions caused by racial, cultural, political, and gender differences.  On a lighter note, I also recently read I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloan Crosley, which is a series of HILARIOUS essays about birthdays and other totally relatable things.  I recommend both.


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