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Linder Interns Don’t Just Make Copies

Linder Interns Don’t Just Make Copies

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The spring semester ushered in three incredible interns. Monica, an events intern, is a senior at American University who is majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communications with a double minor in Marketing and Psychology. Blayne, an events intern, is a Junior at American University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management. Margarita, the marketing intern, graduated from Kings College in London where she received a master’s degree in International Marketing and she earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the University of the Arts, London.

What were you excited for or nervous about when you started?

Monica: Client interaction. I wanted to be able to see how to ask the right questions in meetings to give the clients something that aligns with what they want.

Blayne: I was most excited to do work that matters, not just clerical work.

What is a day-to-day task that you hate doing?

Monica: I hate stuffing envelopes, but it’s part of the job and everyone needs to do it at some point.

Blayne: I hate using the paper cutter. I try to outsource to Fedex.

Margarita: I don’t have a phone line anymore so…

What is your favorite thing to do on a day to day basis?

Blayne: Walk in the door and see the people. Everyone is wonderful and super supportive.

Monica: I second coming in in the morning. I’ve never been in an environment that’s so welcoming. I love that every day looks different. I never get bored and there’s always something new to learn.

What are you most proud of?

Margarita: I am most proud of the first time I went to an event by myself and did the social media coverage alone. I loved that Linder let me do something without any guidance.

Monica: I would say, the roles that I’ve gotten to own and see play out on site. My favorite part of event management is to be involved in the planning process and see every little piece come together.  I love looking at the final product and knowing I played a role in its creation.

What is one lesson you’ve learned from someone at Linder?

Margarita: Ilana taught me to work by myself. Here, they treat an intern as an individual who has an impact and has an opinion on everything. Without guidance.

Blayne: I made a pretty blatant error with one of our clients, and Kim was great at reinforcing that we all make mistakes, it’s a learning experience, and as long as you own up to the mistake, apologize, and learn from it, that it’s ok in the end and you’re better off because of it.

Monica: Alexandra has been great from the moment I walked in the door. She’s always made me feel like I can have a voice and can think outside of the box of what a normal internship role would be. She’s been very caring about what my needs as an intern are. She taught me that I am valuable to the team.

How has the internship shaped your future?

Monica: There is always something new to learn at Linder. While the fact that there is so much to learn can be daunting, it ensures that I am never bored.  With me, one of my criteria for a job is that I’m not going to stick around at a job where I’m not learning anything or I get bored. I don’t foresee that happening any time soon because the events world is huge, so it put me in the right spot where I can continue to grow.

Blayne: I think it’s shaped me for the better because I’ve learned how to balance everything. This is the first time I had heavy, challenging coursework, had to commit myself to being in the office, being available to be on-site at events and somehow still have time to have a social life and to relax. I think that’s one of the best things and you can’t really learn that in a classroom.

Margarita: It was a great opportunity to see how marketing works in the US, so I got a better chance to see how marketing is global.

What are your key takeaways about working events?

Blayne: One thing I’ve learned is that you need to be open and flexible to the unknown. I’ve learned to adapt better.

Monica: The funny thing about events is that our job is to endlessly plan every miniscule detail, but no matter how much you plan, something always “goes wrong when you’re on site. It’s been cool to see how I’ve been able to adapt on-site and think on my feet to accommodate for these last-minute changes. As someone who plans out every minute of my day, learning how to think on my toes has been very valuable.

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