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Let Your Table Do The Talking

Let Your Table Do The Talking

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A tablescape, or the combination of linens, florals, stemware, and flatware,  is the first thing guests see before they sit down to eat. We all know that we eat with our eyes first, so setting the right tone for the meal and the overall event is essential. We hope you will find inspiration for your next tablescape as we show you some of our personal favorites.

Understated yet elegant tablescapes encourage guests to enjoy the grandeur of the venue.

Create contrast and add a pop of color by coordinating florals and stemware selections.

We love how this unique floor plan creates an intimate setting for a delicious meal.

Advanced lighting systems and a cohesive color palate produce a dramatic dining space.

Add depth and height to your space by creating impactful floral designs.

Presetting the first course helps the program start on time by incentivizing guests to take their seats.

Photo Credit: Tony Powell

Add a touch of modernity by incorporating on trend colors and well-designed stemware.

Photo Credit: Tony Powell

Using a mix of rounds and rectangles adds variety to any floor plan while making the most of the available space.

Photo Credit: Tony Powell

The tablescape’s color scheme can directly compliment any venue space or resonate on its own.

Photo Credit: Tony Powell

Work with your caterer and design team to create an innovative and inviting space. We love how this look was pulled off without a traditional tablecloth.

Creating a stunning event takes a team and involves florists, caterers, staging, and production. Managing all of these moving pieces can be difficult, especially if you’re going for a high impact design. Make sure you leverage your event architect’s expertise so your event can be seamlessly beautiful.

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