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The Power of Creativity with Kate Goodall – ECEO035

The Power of Creativity with Kate Goodall – ECEO035

Talking Social Challenges with the Power of Creativity —ECEO035

Kate Goodall, CEO of Halcyon

The Greek myth of Halcyon tells the story of two lovers turned into birds, who had two weeks to get their fledglings up and out of the nest—in the midst of a violent winter storm. These themes of optimism and hope in the face of difficult circumstances go quite well with the mission of Halcyon, an organization that believes in the power of creative individuals to change the world. Halcyon supports entrepreneurs and civic-minded artists in tackling twenty-first century social challenges, providing participants with a place to live for free, a community of like-minded individuals, and $10K to launch their business.

In the role of CEO at Halcyon, Kate Goodall is the driving force behind the organization’s growth. Kate led the development of the Halcyon Incubator for social entrepreneurs and the recently released Halcyon Arts Lab. She also helped establish WE Capital, a consortium of leading businesswomen in the DC region launched to support the next generation of female entrepreneurs. Prior to her work with Halcyon, Kate spent five years as COO of S&R Foundation, where she designed programming and managed strategic partnerships. She has been named one of Washington Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 and Techweek 100 DC’s Talent Cultivators.

Today Kate joins Rebecca Linder to explain how Halcyon’s events reflect the organization’s aims to incubate vision and creativity as they democratize the pathway to entrepreneurship and artistic endeavors. She speaks to the way fellows are given the opportunity to tell their stories at Halcyon events, and how supporters connect with the organization beyond charitable giving—though mentorship and investment opportunities. Listen and learn the novel way Halcyon is leveraging its community of sponsors for a social media awareness campaign and Kate’s approach to facilitating collaboration with her talented team.

Topics include:

  • How the meaning of ‘halcyon’ aligns with the organization’s mission
  • How Halcyon’s pursuit to democratize the pathway to entrepreneurship impacts its events
  • The unique way Halcyon recognizes sponsors at its gala
  • The role fellows play through their participation in Halcyon events
  • The distinct value proposition Halcyon provides its sponsors
  • How Halcyon supporters help the organization build an inclusive community
  • How Halcyon sponsors can go beyond charitable giving to mentor fellows and/or invest in their companies
  • The strategies Halcyon employs to reach both a traditional and millennial audience
  • How Halcyon is leveraging third-party testimonials to mount a social media awareness campaign
  • How Halcyon uses live streaming to provide public access to its events
  • How Kate facilitates collaboration among her diverse, talented team

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Kate Goodall

As CEO of Halcyon, Kate Goodall is the driving strategic force behind Halcyon’s creative growth. She was instrumental in the development of Halcyon’s well-established Halcyon Incubator, the newest creative series Halcyon Stage, and the soon-to-be-released residency-based Halcyon Arts Lab. Goodall’s dedicated passion for arts, sciences and social impact lends an objective and unstoppable drive for formulating and executing Halcyon’s mission of catalyzing emerging creatives across multiple platforms, ideas and artistic media, striving for a better world.

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