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Living Your Mission Through Events with John Gomperts – ECEO033

Living Your Mission Through Events with John Gomperts – ECEO033

John Gomperts, President + CEO of America’s Promise Alliance

The unique thing about America’s Promise Alliance is the way the nonprofit embodies its mission through its events. A coalition of hundreds of organizations committed to the success of young people—especially those in challenging circumstances—America’s Promise works hard to ensure that young people are at the center of its events, threading the narrative through performances and presentations.

John Gomperts has served as president and CEO of America’s Promise since 2012. His experience in government and the nonprofit sector make him well-qualified in the design and implementation of strategic initiatives as well as policy and program innovation. Prior to joining America’s Promise, John led AmeriCorps, Civic Ventures, and Experience Corps. His impressive resume also includes COO at Public Education Network, chief of staff for the Corporation for National and Community Service, and deputy director of the Senate Democratic Leadership Committee.

America’s Promise Alliance celebrated its 20th anniversary through the Recommit to Kids Summit in New York City this past April. Today John joins Rebecca Linder to discuss how the organization balanced celebration with forward motion, the trend toward strategic sponsorships, and how social media helps nonprofits reach a broader audience. Listen in to understand how America’s Promise maximized attendee engagement and kept the kids it serves at the center of #Recommit2Kids.

Topics include:

  • The mission of America’s Promise Alliance
  • How the America’s Promise 20th Anniversary event balanced celebration with forward motion
  • How America’s Promise capitalized on the excitement of the 20th anniversary to engage sponsors
  • Why America’s Promise keeps young people at the center of its events
  • The trend toward strategic sponsorships linked with specific issues
  • The power of events to propel an issue forward
  • How America’s Promise assessed the ROI of its 20th anniversary summit
  • The tension around raising unrestricted funds in the nonprofit world
  • The difference between restricted and unrestricted funds
  • How America’s Promise leveraged pacing, innovative seating to keep attendees engaged
  • The role of social media in reaching an audience beyond those attending America’s Promise Recommit to Kids Summit
  • The value of the communal experience provided by events

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John Gomperts

John Gomperts became President and CEO of America’s Promise Alliance in May 2012. Gomperts has a track record of success in both government and the nonprofit sectors where his accomplishments include design and implementation of strategic initiatives, developing innovative policies and programs, and forging partnerships and coalitions. Most recently, he served as Director of AmeriCorps, starting in June 2010, with a responsibility for implementing the bipartisan Kennedy Serve America Act. His work at AmeriCorps focused on demonstrating and increasing community impact and strengthening the AmeriCorps member experience.

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