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It’s Only Natural: Plan Your Next Event Outside

It’s Only Natural: Plan Your Next Event Outside

Night time Photo of Skies and Mountains

Humans are instinctively drawn to nature. A recent study shows that we live happier and healthier lives as we spend more time outside. The draw of the outdoors brings millions of people around the world annually as they seek to reconnect with the earth. The solar eclipse is expected to be “the largest mass migration to see a natural event”, as per The Atlantic. When doing an event, or picking a date, why not look to incorporate natural events? Throw an eclipse party and have branded glasses on hand to give to guests, or throw an event during a full moon and have guests gaze at the stars through telescopes. Nature can be fickle, but can create an awe-inspiring backdrop for an incredible event.

Limitless possibilities

Drawing on the vastness of our natural landscapes allows an event to take on any shape. Instead of being limited by four walls and a list of preferred providers, the only limits are budget, safety, and the imagination. Some of the world’s most talked about events are held outside. Burning Man, Ultra Music Festival, and Songkran draw thousands of people outside to create a new sense of community. Other emerging trends include secluded dinners in the middle of nowhere and board meetings on the beach.

Environmental Stewardship

Communicate your commitment by informing all stakeholders that your event is working towards specific environmental goals. Include written clauses in all contracts that support these goals. Avoid paper and printing where possible and push information to mobile devices. Make sure vendors are prepared to return the venue space to the same condition, or better than they found it. Abide by all local zoning laws and regulations as outdoor public spaces are often closely monitored.

Uncontrollable Environment

Hosting an amazing event outside comes with its challenges. Building sanitation, power, and shelter systems from the ground up can be costly. However, working without the confines of walls allows you to create an amazing venue. Consider working with a degree of redundancy to mitigate risks like power failure. Planning for the weather is almost impossible, so create a rain plan and be prepared to enact it. While it’s unlikely they’ll be needed, it is important to have emergency plans for other situations as well. Share evacuation plans with relevant stakeholders and work with local law enforcement to implement other best practices for emergency management.

Bring Nature Indoors

We know moving an event outside may not be the easiest decision to make. If you aren’t ready to take it all outside there are a few ways to keep nature in mind as you choose another venue. Look for event spaces with abundant natural light. Views of the ocean, gardens, or other landscape create amazing photo ops and ambiance. The use of green walls and indoor water features can bring an outdoor feel inside.

Didn’t plan a Path of Totality party in honor of the Solar Eclipse? There are plenty of astronomical and natural phenomenon to take advantage of. One of the next biggest astronomical events falls during holiday party season from December 13th and 14th. The Geminids Meteor Shower will produce up to 120 multicolored meteors at its peak, beginning the night of December 13th and going into the morning of December 14th.

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