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If You Paint It, They Will Come: Improving Company Culture

If You Paint It, They Will Come: Improving Company Culture

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To succeed in business, you must be great at what you do. To stay on top, you must be able to inspire and retain employees who believe in your vision as much as you do. In the last few years, a strong and stable corporate culture has become just as important as a paycheck. Employees want to believe in the organization they work for and know that it believes in them. It’s about providing employees with a voice and the autonomy to manage their own domain. Culture is a deeply ingrained aspect of the company and is one of the hardest things to change. It starts with the founding leadership team and is lived out by employees on all levels of the ladder.

As our Team at Linder has grown over the years, our corporate values have stayed the same. We value balance, respect, and integrity. These values live on in our words and actions with each other and our clients. As a global events agency, we seek to inspire interaction and develop meaningful relationships. That’s why we painted a wall.

Transforming values, ideas that can’t be touched, into something more physical isn’t easy. Researchers around the world have studied the process in depth. Their findings conclude that physical workspaces have immense influence over employee morale, output, and dedication. That’s why our wall needed to be a physical embodiment of our core values. It needed to represent our collective experience and express our successes and recognize our shortcomings.

We use our chalk wall as a space for engagement, inspiration, and interaction. Firms around the world are seeing the results of disinterested workforces. According to a recent Gallup Poll, only 15% of employees worldwide say they are engaged in their work. These alarming levels of dissatisfaction lead to millions of dollars in lost productivity and output each year. Gallup estimates that disengaged employees cost the US economy somewhere between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity.

Recognizing the work employees do is paramount to creating a positive work environment. Those in the events industry work around the clock during event season often pushing themselves to exhaustion. Yes, it is their job and that’s what they’re paid to do, but acknowledging their efforts is important. Most individuals want to be heard. If someone is given a last-minute request with an impossible turnaround and they make the deadline, acknowledge it! When our colleagues accomplish a praise-worthy feat, we throw it on the wall. Similarly, as we struggle with something, it gets thrown on the wall too. By sharing our individual experiences with each other we become s stronger team. A simple act like this gives our team a voice.

We managed to blend our corporate values into our physical workspace, just as hundreds of other firms have. Small acts like painting a wall can have a significant impact on your employees, your company, and your brand.

Build your Brand. Raise Revenue. Develop More Meaningful Relationships.
Enjoy the Process.