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How to Keep That #MentalMuscle Fit

How to Keep That #MentalMuscle Fit


I read the article on the 8 Things Mentally Strong People Do Every Single Day…The Choices you Make Every Day can Help you Grow Stronger & Become Better.  As an event professional sustaining one’s energy, mental or otherwise, is important. However, it occurred to me that while I agree with all of these things highlighted in the article, what has perplexed me more is what support does one need to remain in the suggested posture continually.  So the eight things mentally strong people do every day according to the article are:

  • They Use their Mental Energy Wisely
  • They Reframe Their Negative Thoughts
  • They Work Toward Established Goals
  • They Reflect on Their Progress
  • They Tolerate Discomfort for a Greater Purpose
  • They Practice Gratitude
  • They Balance Emotions with Logic
  • They Live According to their Values

The stability and clarity to sustain the mental acuity laid out above requires a routine that supports this.  In my self-improvement quest (some may call it an obsession) I have read so many books + articles and attended several conferences that all have wonderful suggestions that are time tested, anecdotally supported and scientifically proven.  However, figuring out how to incorporate these all into my day while still doing event work and supporting my family was just too overwhelming.  I have slowly incorporated a few things successfully – journaling (I swear by the 5 Minute Journal); goal oriented exercise (Kicks Karate) and meditating (Headspace App).

That is until recently.  I came across Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning.  While Hal is not someone I have consistently followed over the years, Brendon Burchard is my go to high performance guru, Hal has basically synthesized much of the current information on giving you the edge – how to have your best day, be in the best mental state and essentially support yourself in all your endeavors.  He has done it in a way that accounts for the most leisurely of mornings and the busiest of mornings.  His process has an acronym SAVER.  SAVER stands for:

Silence (meditation)
Affirmation (say what you want)
Visualization (actions not end result)
Exercise (get the blood pumping)
Reading (evolve)
Scribing (make sense of your thoughts)

For the someone, event planner or otherwise, looking for a quick start, these simple things, which truly are simple, are needle movers.  The hardest part is actually getting up in the morning at the time he suggests if you are not a morning person. However, once you do these actions (in the full or modified time frames) he suggests, they support your ability to be and remain mentally strong.

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