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Holiday Parties Are Good For Business

Holiday Parties Are Good For Business

Throw a Holiday Party with Linder Global

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season will begin in a few short months, Halloween candy is on the shelves and holiday decorations aren’t far behind. It’s time to begin thinking about the company holiday party.

Holiday parties have been a longstanding tradition in corporate culture, but are often dreaded. Whether you throw a holiday party for employees or clients, opportunities exist to think beyond the norm. When considering whether you want to throw a holiday party, think about what you hope to achieve. You must have a realistic understanding about what kind of party you can afford to throw and what the purpose of that party is.

The Office Party

It may seem like a party you throw to placate your employees, but if that’s your mindset, you might as well skip the party. All year, your employees work incredibly hard and despite how often you offer praise and encouragement, appreciation is always welcome. An office party is a time to celebrate the year’s successes and the accomplishments of your staff. Why is it important? Two words – company culture. Employees are more likely to stay at a company longer and perform better when the company culture aligns with their values and their work is recognized. Research conducted by Dale Carnegie Training revealed that “54% of employees who were proud of their company’s contributions to society are engaged.”

Employees want to be acknowledged. Low morale can be a productivity killer. Holiday parties are a wonderful time to celebrate personal and company milestones and to recognize group and individual performance. If you don’t take the time throughout the year to acknowledge success, this is the time to do it.

Office Party ROI

It’s all about the bottom line. Unfortunately, not everything has a clear-cut return on investment. An office holiday party won’t make you money in the same way that an event where tickets are sold does, but it will increase morale, can be used to establish goals for the rest of the year, and encourage professional development. The party can be used to raise money for charity, bond with co-workers, and inspire excitement about the coming year. More than that, in the long run, the inevitable increase in employee engagement will ultimately lead to an increased revenue for the company as described by The Muse in an article explaining there are, “2.5x more revenues for companies with engaged employee’s vs competitors with low engagement levels.”

The Client Party

Businesses need more clients. Not only do they need more clients, they need to continue to cultivate existing relationships.

Show your clients what you can do. Unless your holiday party is centered around a product launch, try to stay away from selling. Use the party as an excuse to show your clients what your company is capable of and that you appreciate their business. You will be able to sell after the party when you follow up.

Client Party ROI

The client holiday party can be used to bring in more business with existing clients, be introduced to potential clients, and hold on to the clients you have. Thanking and acknowledging clients goes a long way in creating repeat business and gaining valuable references.

Think Outside the Box

Just because the holiday party happens every year doesn’t mean it needs to be the same. Don’t let your party become stale. Inject fun and creativity into the party by choosing a theme that resonates with your company. Try a new food trend. Think about what your guests would want and aspire to wow them. Holiday parties can be more than red and green, or blue and silver affairs. Include sponsorship activations such as a gif photo booth, selfie-contests, or cell phone charging stations.

When you plan your holiday party, remember: plan it for your guests. Whether the purpose is to celebrate your employees or foster long-lasting relationships with clients, plan the party with them in mind. Don’t throw a party because it’s tradition, make it special. Use holiday parties as an opportunity to give back. Partner with a charity and do some good while having fun. Understand your goals and create an event that will help you meet those goals.

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