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Making the Shift from Order Taker to Trusted Advisor with Howard Givner—Part 1 ECEO048

Making the Shift from Order Taker to Trusted Advisor with Howard Givner—Part 1 ECEO048

Making the Shift from Order Taker to Trusted Advisor—Part 1 ECEO048

Howard Givner, Executive Director of the Event Leadership Institute

If you aspire to be an Event CEO, but you feel more like an order taker, changing the way your clients see you may seem insurmountable. The fact is, you CAN transition from subordinate event planner to trusted adviser by providing strategic guidance, proposing creative ideas, and respectfully challenging clients as necessary in the event planning process.   

Howard Givner is the Founder and Executive Director of the Event Leadership Institute, the premiere education and training platform for the events industry. ELI offers professional development through online classes, interviews with industry leaders, white papers, webinars and live events. Prior to launching ELI, Howard served as the Founder and President of award-winning event agency Paint the Town Red and CEO of Global Events Group. He is also the creator of the Super Planner mobile app and a regular contributor to Event Solutions magazine. Howard has been featured in The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal and on National Public Radio, among many other media outlets.  

Today, in part 1 of the interview, Howard joins Rebecca Linder to discuss the shift from order taker to trusted adviser, explaining the value in ‘telling truth to power’ and being proactive in demonstrating your value proposition. He addresses the philosophical difference between in-house event planners and external agencies, describing how adopting an agency mentality helps an in-house team identify their differentiators. Howard also offers insight around positioning yourself as a thought leader and becoming the source of best practices within an organization. Listen in to understand why clients measure the success of an event based on its business objective and learn why a happy client is more important than the event itself! 

Topics include: 

    • How clients measure an event’s success around its business objective 
    • How to make the transition from order-taker to trusted event adviser 
    • The value of being proactive in providing guidance and strategy 
    • Why you must be willing to challenge a client for the event’s sake 
    • The philosophical difference between in-house planners and agencies 
    • How an agency mentality helps an in-house team identify its value proposition
    • How to communicate your value prop through an internal newsletter 
    • Howard’s insight on the value in becoming the source of best practices 
    • Why a happy client is more important than producing a successful event 
    • Why it’s best if the check-in role is filled by someone with distance 
    • How to utilize feedback from check-ins to initiate a course correction 

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Howard Givner 

Howard Givner

With over 25 years of industry experience, Howard Givner is an event industry business and thought leader, innovator, educator & consultant.

Howard is the Founder of the Event Leadership Institute (ELI), which provides online and in-person training and education for event & hospitality professionals

Prior to starting ELI, he was the founder of award winning event agency Paint The Town Red, Inc., and the former CEO of North America for Global Events Group, which acquired the company.  Howard is the creator of the award-winning mobile app Super Planner, and the co-creator of the Event Innovation Forum, a TED style conference for industry leaders.

He has taught, written and spoken on a wide range of topics, including innovation, entrepreneurship, negotiations, sales & business development. He currently consults for agency owners, in-house event teams, and tech companies in the events industry.

Howard on twitter: @hgivner

Event Leadership Institute on twitter: @eventleaders

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/hgivner/

Facebook: @Eventleaders

Hashtag: #EventLeadershipInstitute

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