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Event Tech: The Best of the Best

Event Tech: The Best of the Best

Event Tech the Best of the Best

On November 11th, London hosted the 2015 Event Technology Awards, where the best and the brightest of the event industry were honored for their achievements. ETA gave awards in 30 different categories, ranging from Best Technology for Building Event Attendance to Best Use of Audio Visual Technology. We’ve highlighted five of the most interesting winners so you can be up to date for your next event.


Best New Technology Start-Up
Best Use of Event Technology by a Festival
Best Use of Technology for Event Analytics, Data-Collection & Insight
Located: UK
What They Do: Crowd Connected Ltd  has developed a platform called Colocator – “The Location Insight Platform Built for Events.” Sounds pretty nice, but what does it do? Long story short, Colocator allows event managers to see where their guests are at all times. It can be integrated in different ways, such as through the official event app. Once the guest has given permission, Colocator uses a combination of GPS and iBeacons to determine location, accurate to within 5 meters. This platform is incredibly useful for large scale events, particularly festivals, both from a guest and an event manager perspective. Guests can use the mapping to see how long lines are or where there are areas of highly concentrated people. Event planners can use this information to get real time information on how guests are flowing through the space. Areas of congestion can be pinpointed and taken care of before an issue arises, and on a larger scale, information can be used when deciding the layout of future events. With minimal set up required, Crowd Connected is taking location mapping to the next level!


Best Event Management Software
Favorite Event Technology Supplier – The People’s Choice Award (1st Place)
Located: New York & Israel
What They Do: If you need any convincing that Bizzabo is one of the best all-around event managing platforms, just watch their promotional video. Bizzabo really does it all – ticketing, personalized event websites and apps, networking, registration on site, emails, and post event analytics. Phew. From the beginning of the planning process, Bizzabo can help streamline the process into one helpful platform. Once you have designed an event website and app, you can set ticket prices, send out promo codes and updates to attendees, and even give a hassle-free refund. Bizzabo works with PayPal and all major credit cards so accepting payment is fast and simple. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are embedded in the platform, making social media buzz a breeze! Once on site, event staff can use any device to check in guests and you can make changes to the agenda in real time. Use the app to send out polls or surveys to get feedback from attendees and view overall event performance. Not much more you can ask for.


Award: Best Use of Projection Mapping
Located: London
What They Do: Bluman Associates proudly proclaims “We Create Visual Experiences.” Experience is not an exaggeration, meet the company who created the graphics for the 2014 BAFTA Awards, edited the content and screens that lined the red carpet at the World Premiere of Spectre, and created projection mapping for the London release of Cortana on a barge on the river Thames. If you haven’t heard the term projection mapping, Bluman describes it as “simply…fitting a piece of content, be it a still image or moving image, to a particular shaped object or building.” This method of conveying content is becoming extremely popular in the event world. Linder recently worked with Quixotic Fusion to create projection mapping on the side of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture. The end result was visually stunning and truly a highlight of the event.


Award: Most Innovative and Tech Friendly Venue
Located: London
What They Do: 8 Northumberland Avenue is an incredibly beautiful and historic venue with six different spaces available for events. However, what is most special about this venue is how technologically innovative it has become. Besides the expected amenity of WiFi – although 200mb connection speed is hardly standard – Northumberland has installed a state-of-the-art amBX light system and 3D holographic technology. AmBX has created the light version of surround sound. Each light has 16.7 million color choices and can be synced with music, presentations, film, or anything else you can think of. This system is all controlled by an iPad and is completely user-friendly. With the light system installed in the two largest spaces, perhaps you should rethink the venue of your next London event!


Award: Best New Technology Product
Located: London
What They Do: Glisser is a platform dedicated to more interactive presentations. Instead of an audience sitting passively while listening to a speaker, the Glisser app allows connection between the two. Presenters can upload their presentations, PowerPoints or other documents, and once attendees enter your code they have access to the slides on their phones or tablets. This encourages interaction in a few different ways – notes, social media, likes, polls, and questions. Audience members can take notes directly on their copies of the presentation and “like” their favorite slides. With built-in social media integration, they can actually share individual slides on Twitter in real time. Presenters can insert polls into their slideshow which guests can answer in the app. If you wish to have a Q&A session, questions can simply be typed into the app and automatically sent to the presenter – no microphone needed! Event planners can use this platform to collect feedback from the attendees as well.


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