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Enhancing Experiences with Sensory Technology

Enhancing Experiences with Sensory Technology

Enhancing Experiences with Sensory Technology Event

“Technology” is a buzz word in the event planning world – everyone wants to get their hands on the newest and most interesting tech. The problem is there’s too much to keep up with! Let’s focus on where technology has the biggest impact – with the attendees. The easiest way to create an event with a lasting impression is to appeal to the attendee’s senses. Luckily, there was technology created just for this purpose.


The simplest way to your audience’s taste buds is through food, but thanks to Quantum, you can now provide all of the taste with none of the calories. The new Multi-Sensory FX disperses a concentrated liquid in a variety of methods including mist, filled bubbles, or smoke. The liquid can mimic any flavor, and the best part is every creation is non-allergenic, halal and kosher.


An airline has taken customer satisfaction to a new level with 3D printed coffee by Ripples. Guests can choose from an assortment of images to appear on their latte or create their own art. The possibilities for branding are limitless!



Wearable technology has been on the rise with the growing popularity of the Apple watch and smart bands which have been used at many major festivals. Going one step further, tech company Wearable Experiments has taken the initiative to fully integrate technology into their clothing. Fans at sporting events can now feel what players on the field are feeling with the NL Fan Jersey and the Navigate coat can help attendees get to their destination by tapping them on the shoulder when it is time to turn.


Smell is arguably the most powerful sense when creating a memory, so if you want attendees to truly remember your event, introduce a unique scent! Sissel Tolaas, a scent artist, has created Smell Memory Kits just for this purpose.



Virtual Reality is not a new concept, but Samsung Galaxy used it to enhance guest experience in a new way at Lollapalooza. Using Samsung Gear VR, users could see and hear the performances on the main stage from the comfort of the Samsung Lounge.


Emily Powell

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