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Elevate DC: How to Leverage New Ideas Effectively – Part 2

Elevate DC: How to Leverage New Ideas Effectively – Part 2

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Key Takeaway #2: Create picturesque moments with social media in mind

Photo courtesy of Bizbash.com

These days, it’s no surprise attendees of every generation spend most of their time on their phones. Your event will be no exception. Depending on the goal of your event, this could work in your favor, if cultivated correctly. A current popular décor item is branded topiaries, which make for great, easy pictures and ensure that a component of your brand is included in whatever photo people are posting online. To some degree, you are controlling the message in this way, not to mention pleasing your audience by making it easy for them to show their followers who they are and what they are doing.

Clustered oranges create festive hanging decor. Photo courtesy of BizBash.com

Another tactic is to use the power of repetition, especially if there is an element of your message that can show impact in sheer quantity. For example, the National Parks Conservation Association used plastic water bottles to fill a Subaru, illustrating the space taken up by wasted plastic. Consider your event or your message and see how you can drill down into the visual concepts and find the smallest article that could be multiplied into a unique arrangement.

Chandon bottles double as game pieces. Photo courtesy of BizBash.com

Incorporating your logo or branding in inventive ways is another way to surprise and delight your guests. Similar to the topiaries, by reinforcing your brand or logo on activations and décor, when guests share these images with their network your brand will be visible in a subtle yet clever way. For example, in the photo on the left, courtesy of BizBash.com, a wine company used their barrels as light fixtures to add to the aesthetic and reinforce their brand. In the picture below that, Chandon used painted bottles as components of a ring toss for their Summer Fete.

photoboothSponsored moments are particularly important for events and can be a fun way to include your partners. These days, almost anything can be branded so look for fun activations that make sense with the messaging of your event. Branded rock climbing walls, vending machines, photo booths, t-shirt making stations, and more can bring your event to life and satisfy larger donors hoping to stand out and promote themselves among your attendees.

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