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Mark Cooper, CEO of IACC: Exploring the Meeting Room of the Future — ECEO0054

Mark Cooper, CEO of IACC: Exploring the Meeting Room of the Future — ECEO0054

Exploring the Meeting Room of the Future — ECEO0054 Mark Cooper

What does the meeting room of the future look like? As event professionals, we are aware of industry trends toward creating memorable experiences and choosing venues based on sustainable practices. We see the growing role of technology, the growing emphasis on inclusive menus, and the growing demand for flexibility of meeting spaces. But how do these trends impact what we do in practice? What if we could lift this information off paper and into a tangible environment? What if we could hit fast-forward and truly explore the future of meetings?

Mark Cooper is the Chief Executive Officer of IACC, a global community of event professionals and venue operators dedicated to delivering innovative and exceptional meeting experiences. With 25 years of experience in the events industry, Mark has served in senior roles at Dolce Hotels & Resorts, Sundial Group and Warwick Conferences. He has been an active member of the IACC for 18 years, holding positions on both the European and Global Boards of the association before being named CEO in 2012.

Today, Mark joins Rebecca Linder to share the trends identified in the IACC 2019 Meeting Room of the Future Report and discuss their creation of a live, physical iteration of the findings at MPI’s 2019 World Education Congress in Toronto. He shares the ongoing industry trends toward creating exceptional experiences and developing more inclusive culinary offerings. Mark also describes how the ‘influence of generations’ impacts meetings, explaining how technology is being used to support a larger cultural shift toward collaboration. Listen in for insight around evaluating venues based on sustainable practices and learn how to migrate your clients from what is to what will be!

Topics include:

  • What inspired the IACC to create its Meeting Room of the Future Report
  • Why Mark’s team unveiled the physical iteration at the MPI event in Toronto
  • The ongoing trends to design exceptional experiences and culinary offerings
  • Why the community is developing a heightened awareness of cyber security
  • How the influence of generations among event planners impacts meetings
  • How technology is being used to support the cultural shift to collaboration
  • How venues are responding to the call for flexibility of meeting spaces
  • How shrinking budgets require creative solutions + strategic partnerships
  • Evaluating venues around sustainable practices (e.g.: food waste)
  • Creating inclusive menus to accommodate dietary preferences, restrictions
  • The opportunity for large-branded venues to deliver on experience creation

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Mark Cooper

Mark Cooper

Mark Cooper is the Chief Executive Officer of IACC. He was appointed into this newly created global role in October 2012.

Mark brings to IACC 25-years of experience in the global meetings industry working for both US and UK based companies, in a number of leadership roles requiring a sales and marketing specialism.

With an extensive industry background in meetings and conference focused businesses, he has held senior posts with respected conference venue operators and global agencies, including Dolce Hotels & Resorts, Sundial Group, ConferenceDirect and Warwick Conferences.

Mark’s experience was matched to the strategic plan of IACC during a major restructuring of the 35 year old association in 2011 and 2012. Mark had previously held positions on both the European and Global Boards of IACC and has been an active member in the association for 18 years.

Mark on Twitter: @MarkCooperIACC

IACC (Facebook and Twitter): @IACCmeetings


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