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Cool Technology: Thank You, Millennials

Cool Technology: Thank You, Millennials

Thank You, Millennials Technology robots

Aaron Nissen of DestinationThink! keynoted Destination DC’s 2015 Marketing Outlook Meeting this week. His topic? The importance of connecting with Millennials – who, by the way, are fast becoming my favorite generation (even though I am of the X). Why, you ask? Because simply put, they are progressive, multicultural and tolerant as succinctly stated in an article titled Generational Realizones by Justice Calo Reign in Conscious Company Magazine’s recent issue. I think Millennials should be renamed the “Innovation Generation” because those three ingredients I highlighted above are the key elements to sparking innovation. World, watch out.

What does that mean for the events industry? It means authentic, experience-driven and collaborative connection is key to successful event experiences – and not just for millennials. These items are driving more interesting and impactful event experiences for all generations. Here are two cool innovative technology examples gifted to us by the millennial generation that are contributing to the changing event landscape:

Example 1

Who but a Millennial would come up with the bionic bar concept and turn it into a viable business for the events industry. Check this out – the Makr Shakr – a robotic bar experience. The process is:

  1. Guests submit drink orders through an app
  2. The robotic arms deftly mix the drinks
  3. Guests get to watch the stats – drink popularity, wait time, who is ordering what
  4. And lastly – guests get to connect over social media through photo sharing, drink ratings,etc. These are available for events here. Yes, please!

Example 2

Talk about taking it to the audience and collaboration. I came across PixMob while doing research on a live event we were producing. PixMob has enabled the ultimate immersive experience.Their pendants, helicos, balls and wristbands allow guests “to feel, to participate, to be engaged in the show.” By syncing light, pulsating beats and wearable technology your audience is literally in the center of the action – in fact, a part of it. Clearly not totally applicable for every event, but for large public format events it is transformative.

So thank you, millennials, for being you – for being bold, for being curious, for speaking out and demanding better and more interesting experiences.

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