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Engaging Membership with Claire Carlin – ECEO031

Engaging Membership with Claire Carlin – ECEO031

Engaging Membership Before, During and After IPW—ECEO031

Claire Carlin, VP of Partnerships and Alliances with Destination DC

‘That’s the cool thing about business owners: They are both incredibly big picture, and they have to take out the garbage … so the more that we understand that and can figure out their challenges and support them, the better we are at our jobs.’

As VP of Partnerships and Alliances for Destination DC, Claire Carlin is responsible for the organization’s revenue-generating programs for DDC, engaging and supporting local businesses that participate in the travel and tourism economy. Claire’s team supports DDC’s 1,000 member businesses via digital marketing, member networking events, and referrals.

Washington, DC hosted IPW—the travel industry’s premier international marketplace and the largest generator of travel to the US—for the first time this past June. Today Claire joins Rebecca Linder to discuss how Destination DC raised capital for the event, the current trends in business partnerships, and what an event like IPW means for a city. Listen and learn how the Partnerships and Alliances team innovated to engage members before, during, and after IPW.

Topics include:

  • Claire’s role with Destination DC
  • How DDC keeps its membership engaged
  • How businesses can best take advantage of DDC’s services
  • What hosting IPW meant for the city
  • DDC’s approach to raising capital for IPW
  • How other events compare to IPW
  • The trend toward customization exclusivity in business partnerships
  • How DDC innovated around partner engagement for IPW
  • How DDC measures success after an event like IPW
  • How DDC sustains relationships with partners after an event like IPW
  • The challenges and benefits of managing partnerships unique to DC
  • Why Claire indorses spending time with members to stay current
  • Claire’s advice around drawing energy from your network

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Claire Carlin

Claire Carlin is Vice President of Partnerships & Alliances (P&A) at Destination DC, the official convention and tourism corporation for the nation’s capital. P&A is an entrepreneurial, revenue-generating department at Destination DC, generating more than $3.5 million in cash and in-kind revenue through membership (dues), sponsorship and special events. Claire is also Executive Director of the American Experience Foundation, the affiliated philanthropic charity.

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