Opportunity Finance Network | Strengthening communities by providing opportunity for all

Opportunity Finance Network | Strengthening communities by providing opportunity for all

Opportunity Finance Network Event

Opportunity Finance Network

Strengthening communities by providing opportunity for all

Justice for all begins with opportunity for all. Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) and its Member CDFIs work hard to create opportunities in low-wealth and low-income communities across the country. For a nonprofit organization whose focus is to provide affordable and responsible financial products and services to the communities and people it serves, budgeting is a big deal. For its annual conference, the premier event in its industry, OFN has sought out Linder’s expertise in event production, budget allocation, and the elevation of the attendee experience for the last seven years and counting.

Bringing together approximately 1,200 thought leaders from community development financial institutions across the country, key sponsors with representation from major financial institutions and up to 50 exhibitors including product developers, the OFN Conference is a hallmark event of the CDFI industry.  Linder was successful in helping OFN to think through the core elements of the conference to ensure the highest-level networking and knowledge-sharing experiences for attendees while remaining committed to the financial targets in place.  Hosting the conference in different cities each year provides an additional opportunity for OFN to reach new networks and for Linder to support the goals associated with each new landscape.

Amplifying and reinforcing OFN’s messaging was the driver behind the decision to develop an event app. With Linder’s guidance in determining the right platform for the app, OFN was able to highlight the conference and encourage attendee interaction in advance of, and after, the conference. This created valuable connections onsite while contributing to the idea that what happens at the conference is part of a larger canvas.

Linder’s role has expanded over the years to include management of OFN’s annual Small Business Finance Forum (SBFF).  Linder supports OFN’s goal to amplify its mission for the small business lending community through execution of a flawless program across the two-day conference. As the only event of its kind for the small business lending community, this rapidly growing event contributes increasingly to the overall OFN mission. As OFN’s events expand, Linder welcomes each opportunity afforded by it to provide the optimal experience for attendees in the most economical way for the client.

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Project Management

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