Landmark Music Festival | Bringing awareness and funds to America’s Front Yard

Landmark Music Festival | Bringing awareness and funds to America’s Front Yard

Landmark Music Festival

Bringing awareness and funds to America’s Front Yard

Restoring and improving the National Mall is a monumental task, with over $500 million in deferred repairs and $350 million in needed upgrades, the Trust for the National Mall (TNM) is the organization dedicated to achieving this necessary upkeep. While located in DC, the Mall grounds and the monuments housed on them tell the story of America as a whole. Their challenge, however, was growing from a local charity into an energized national cause and garnering support from a new generation.

A two-day music festival was conceived as a frame to showcase to the nation this challenge. The Landmark Music Festival welcomed over 50,000 attendees and produced 40+ musical performances across five stages. Once the attendees arrived, it was Linder’s job to engage them in TNM’s mission. Linder designed and produced a series of onsite activations for TNM in their “#MakeYourMark” space that attracted a crowd of majority millennials and leveraged TNM’s current assets, including their social media channels, mailing list, and the narrative around TNM’s story. With only six weeks of planning time and a limited footprint of forty-by-sixty feet, Linder worked with the client to hone in on their goals and identify their priorities. The result was a combination of engaging indoor and outdoor activities that drove traffic to TNM’s tent.

A mural wall stood alongside the perimeter of the tent and accommodated approximately 900 – 1,500 painting participants, who answered the question “What would you march for?”. Once inside the tent, attendees interacted with a Timeline Tunnel, which featured 5 short videos that were created and coordinated with Linder to be reviewed on iPads. Users had full control of the video playback and progress down the timeline. A prize-driven timeline content trivia game contributed to the giveaway of over 2,000 baseball caps and koozies. To leverage the millennial “selfie” mentality, we created several opportunities for people to take and post photos, such as a photo/op backdrop with USA history-themed costumes and fill-in-the-blank protest signs, a live social media wall and jumbotron integration where festival-goers had an opportunity to see their photo up on the stage up to two times per day, and a flash tat application bar consisting of two different oversized tattoos in gold and silver. These capture-able moments contributed to over 1.8 billion social media impressions. Overall, an estimated 8,000 – 10,000 people experienced the tent over the course of the festival and TNM had over 35,000 new people sign up to their mailing list.

By understanding what success looked like to TNM, the Linder team was able to come up with a multi-tiered solution to create curb appeal that would draw in a crowd, provide a fun environment in which attendees could learn about TNM, and leverage the millennial mentality to maximize visibility online.

Social Media

Concept + Program Design


Audience & Crowd Management

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