ACCION International | Mapping the path to financial inclusion by 2020

ACCION International | Mapping the path to financial inclusion by 2020

ACCION International Event

ACCION International

Mapping the path to financial inclusion by 2020

2.5 billion people around the world live in poverty and lack access to the services many of us take for granted – from electronic payments, to savings and credit for major life events, to protection against risk through insurance.

ACCION International turned to Linder to create a landmark event to address these pressing issues. ACCION and Linder brought private sector leaders, regulators, industry developers, technology providers, academics, businesses, insurance companies, government officials, and other high-level stakeholders to the table, facilitating real conversations about how to mobilize around the goal of achieving financial inclusion by 2020. The 2014 Forum in London, England was attended by participants from across the world – from the United States, to Russia, the Philippines, Peru, Kenya, and many more.

In partnership with the ACCION team, Linder created an environment for top financial leaders to come together to collaborate and network, establishing a first-of-its-kind event format for attendees. The event marked an enormous milestone in ACCION’s support of micro-finance institutions that provide financial services to low-income clients, and created a global conversation around microfinance that activated top financial leaders to take action.

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Thank you and the whole Linder team for your contributions to the FI2020 Global Forum in London. The event went smoothly and we have heard great feedback on the high production value. Because the logistics were so seamless, we were able to focus on the content and engage in the productive conversations to advance our goal of financial inclusion for all.

– Michael Schlein, President and CEO of Accion

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