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6 Summer Hacks to Keep Attendees Cool at Your Event

6 Summer Hacks to Keep Attendees Cool at Your Event

Alt title: 6 Summer Hacks to Keep Attendees Cool at Your Event 

Summer comes with longer days, beautiful weather and the opportunity for outdoor events but what do you do when the sun becomes unbearably hot and your attendees need to cool off? Keep reading for some hacks on planning your  event around the summer heat!

1. Venue Details 

When picking your venue, keep in mind the date and location of the event and have a plan to keep air circulating. Tents are a great way to keep guests cool and a cost effective way to establish shade. If a tent isn’t possible, try adding overhead décor for a more stylish way to have shade and incorporate your theme in the space. The location of your event is equally as important. Will guests have to walk far to get to the venue? Is there public transportation or parking nearby? Cooling stations can be a great addition to a daytime event particularly if people are active – like at a sporting tournament.

2. Refreshing Foods

Having light refreshments such as chilled watermelon or lemonade will go a long way with keeping your guests cool (especially when there is downtime during the program).  Think creatively – it’s also a fun way for attendees to discover new summertime flavors.

3. Summer Swag Bag 

Not only will this be a pleasant surprise for your attendees but they’ll thank you for having the items they wish they had remembered to bring! Include sunglasses, program fans, and sunscreen to give your guests a chance to cool off. You can even personalize or brand these items for an added touch that will impress everyone.

4. Event Time

When afternoon rolls around, so does the peak of summer heat. Plan your event for the evening time around sunset so your guests can cool off as the night progresses. Keep in mind the lighting for event photos as well. If you’re having an outdoor event, take photos when the sun is setting to achieve that golden hour glow!

5. Lots and lots of Water!

This may seem obvious but prepare for the unexpected. Hot weather will have your guests reaching for water more quickly especially if alcohol is also being served at the event. Keep water bottles chilled and have double the supply you normally would need.  Also don’t forget to stock up on plenty of ice to keep those beverages cool.

6. Emergency Situations

The summer heat in some cities can be brutal, so make sure to have emergency plans in place if your attendees need medical attention. The sun drains everyone and energy might be low by the end of a longer event so plan for all situations.


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